Commercial Property Loans are secured on Commercial Properties that offer very different risks to Lenders verse residential, construction or home loans. These risks must be understood and mitigated if you as a Borrower are ever able to secure a Commercial Property Loan Facility on attractive terms and conditions.

The psychology of the Lender is important and must be clearly understood when making any loan application, including a Commercial Property Loan Application.  You must remember the executive at the Lender is making a career decision when recommending a loan to you.

The market is awash with Commercial Property deals and the Lender can have there pick – so you need a Principal who can negotiate with understanding, mitigating your risks to overcome the easy propensity of Lenders to decline anything that doesn’t fit their box.

The Principal can also negotiate on your behalf to secure a better deal from your existing Lender that meets your needs, and explains why this is achievable and what is not, and advises what can be done by you to improve your case for a better Commercial Loan, or suggests a new one. Either way, Pioneer Capital Finance represents and works solely for you.

In addition, we offer strategies and credit enhancements to minimise the risk of the Commercial Property Loan you seek that can make the difference between you being approved, or not. Or the difference between the Terms & Conditions you wanted verses what they will approve (i.e. speed of loan amortisation; loan amount; margin over BBSW; term of the loan; Review Dates; securities etc) – everything is negotiable, but out of the ten things the Lender said they need, there are only 2 or 3 hard core not-negotiable things they cannot live without – that means there are 6-7 things they are negotiable about – the trick is to know which they are.

Commercial Property Loans can be renegotiated or new ones organised quickly and in such a way that add value. We can look over your current Commercial Loan and advise on it, even if it can’t be improved we’ll tell you (hold on tight to that great deal). To date we have organised and funded a number of Commercial Property Loans, including:-

1. A Retail/Office block at Artarmon which required a period of time to release office space then available in the building; and,

2. Renegotiated successfully a private companies Commercial Property Loans to materially better terms, conditions and pricing with their existing big four bank then they had ever achieved since beginning with that bank in the early 1980’s.

These two of many highlight how the Principal negotiated Commercial Loan Facilities that saw the profitable refinance or renegotiation of the respective Borrowers funding needs.

A no obligation free Indicative Term Sheet is available once we’ve seen the Commercial Property (or development site), understood your needs, received the requested materials and tailored our profitable financing solution that meets your financing needs.

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