Capped Commercial Loans are unique to Pioneer Capital Finance and are designed to meet your funding needs while saving you from bankruptcy should interest rates unexpectedly skyrocket or return to the long-term average of approximately 7.00%p.a..

What makes Pioneer Capital Finance unique in this capacity is that it offers profitable strategies embedded in the Commercial Property Loan Facility to mitigate or fully extinguish interest rate risk.

Capped Commercial Loans mean you profit from current low interest rates, but have a structured loan that mitigates interest rate rises (if and when they do occur). Accordingly, you can better budget future cash flows, eliminate unexpected interest rate hikes while enjoying low or even lower interest rates going forward.

We don’t rely on any one strategy and we are only remunerated by you – so we work to get you the best outcome that mitigates the real risk of rising interest rates, now or 5 years from now.

A no obligation free Indicative Term Sheet is available once we’ve seen the Commercial Property (or development site), understood your needs, received the requested materials and tailored our profitable financing solution that mitigates the risk to you of rising interest rates.

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