Mr Clive Johnson

Mr Clive Johnson, M. Comm. (Finance) (UNSW) is a 30-year experienced professional in property financing, including:

  • Construction & Development Funding – over 21 years in merchant banking;
  • Mezzanine Funding – exclusively for almost 10 years at Sirius Capital;
  • Completion Funding – partially completed developments, funded to completion;
  • Joint Venture/Equity Funding;
  • Commercial Property Funding;
  • Corporate Finance; and,
  • Interest rate risk management.

In addition, Clive’s experience in Treasury means many treasury products are made available to you to mitigate risk in any financing, including future adverse interest rate movements.

Clive’s current view is that interest rates are at historical and unsustainable levels post the GFC, meaning both low interest rates and the resultant asset-price inflation seen as a result of these low rates is increasing unsustainable. Clive can expand upon his thoughts, give evidence and detail what needs to be done to mitigate these and other risks you as a borrower face when meeting your immediate and future funding needs.

Risk mitigation, including adverse interest rate movements, is a key element learnt by Clive after being personally bankrupted in February 2008 (discharged April 2011). The Bankruptcy was principally the result of a divorce. The most important lesson learnt from the bankruptcy is now a feature of everything Clive does, namely, offering profitable financing solutions that manage cash flow well while quantifying and mitigating the risks involved.

On a Personal note, Clive is considered loyal, honest, highly trustworthy (being given Powers-of- Attorney (“POA”) from approximately 15 private clients on over 65 Development Projects for a construction value exceeding $500 million – a number of these POA continue to date. You will need to determine these qualities for yourself.

A no obligation free Indicative Term Sheet is available once we’ve seen the Commercial Property (or development site), understood your needs, received the requested materials and tailored our profitable financing solution that meets your financing needs.

Mobile/WhatsApp/FaceTime: +43 676 4017955


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